The Advantage of Aerial Views

Mapping an area can be a time-consuming process. With the recent technological advancements of drones, however, we are seeing changes in the way we map new areas. Traditionally, data is collected by ground-based tools and crews. But because of a drone’s low maintenance expenses, rapid deployment times and different types of installable cameras, drones can do the job faster, cheaper and safer compared with collecting data with satellites, manned aircraft, or road crews. Listed below are three of the biggest advantages of using a drone compared to traditional methods of mapping.


Elevation Ltd. uses RTK GPS with ground control points to give accuracies measured in centimeters. We fly high-quality optics and 20-megapixel cameras to give excellent detail and the lowest distortion rates possible.

Our team will create maps that are useful to your needs.

Progress Monitoring

The observation of processes and changes to larger areas plays an important role, particularly in major construction projects. Building companies and insurance companies can reconstruct the exact location of cables, pipes, etc. using photographs from the various stages of the construction process and after completion of the project. The causes of the damage can be easily ascertained in this way.

The use of small aircraft and balloons for aerial photographs of larger areas is complex and costly. Furthermore, these can only fly over the terrain from a relatively high distance to take the aerial photographs. The creation of images at exactly the same points and at exactly the same angles with a satisfactory resolution is hardly possible.

Drones are particularly well suited for taking high-resolution aerial photographs from exactly the same position and at exactly the same angle. Progress can be recorded and documented with progression analyses, for example for large construction projects (progress monitoring).

The documentation, analysis, and monitoring of spatial change processes are not only useful for construction projects but also for applications in the field of environmental and vegetation monitoring, in open-cast mining projects and other surface changes.

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